POWER SIGNING – a parable about social networks and on-line petitions

POWER SIGNING – la parabola del social network e delle petizioni on line.

Dear Readers,

For those of you who read and appreciate Italian language, here is a post on the theme of the importance of social network in today’s activism and democracy.  The Italian Early Music scene and Facebook network is moving and taking action to save the production and art of gut strings making in this country. Two petitions on line were born with the purpose to change the actual laws which forbid the use of bovine materials and practically force many good manufacturers to shut down.

My Parable of Power Signing is that if there are real people behind a network, and if all understand the power of large numbers acting together and communicating freely to inform one another of an outstanding problem, than the social network has served one of its best purposes: to put us at only one degree of separation with “the world”, and to make real changes possible in spite of slow moving and often obtuse bureocracy.

I hope you enjoy reading, and promise to publish “double posts soon in Englis as well. In the meantime, stay cool…

– Maria, mediatic muse of the 21st Century